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Salutogenesis course
Origin of Health

I am amazed by the huge impact of simple lifestyle changes on retaining people’s health. In the one-day course “Salutogenesis, origin of health”, I will go into the relationship between health and lifestyle factors.

The course mainly focuses on the two following themes:

  • How can we preserve our health?
  • Are we able to recognize, in ourselves, that we are losing our health; and are we able, at that stage, to do something about it and regain our health?

In the course, I will expand on our immune system and the specifics of stress and their relationship with food, exercise, biorhythm, temperature and breathing. I will show you what happens in the human body if it is compromised, whatever the cause; and how we can ensure that the problem-solving strategies of our body function to the best of their ability. Besides giving you brief information on how the human body works, it is my intention to let you return home with a mind buzzing with inspiration and ready to start incorporating the newly gained insights!

About me

My name is Birgit Spoorenberg. For several years I worked as a locum general practitioner in various practices in Zuid-Limburg. Increasingly, I asked myself why people get sick and have health complaints at some point in time, while others don’t. Is there a way for us to influence this? In the clinical Psycho Neuro Immunology course I took, I found the answers I was looking for: Yes, we can influence our health to an important degree. Nutrition, exercise, psychology, social interaction and knowledge about the body´s systems and functions are the ingredients, and explanation is the key to success. In my own practice Salutogenese, I decided to focus, as a consultative physician, on striving for and retaining health. Together with my clients I want to search for healthy balances and create the right circumstances to clear the way for optimal performance of the human body.

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On Tuesday November 15th I will give the course “Salutogenesis” at the Mandril in Maastricht. The course will be taught in English, which will be a nice challenge. The course will be organized by Roos Derks of the Mandril. At the end of the day, you are asked to appreciate the course by making a donation.

The address is:
Cabergerweg 45
6219 PE Maastricht


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